Mergers & Acquisitions

Prismapar advises companies in mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, stock sales, spin-offs and fairness opinions.  Prismapar can help in all stages of an M&A process, including: (a) Look for potential partners/investors, (b) Conduct financial valuation, (c) Coordinate the due diligence process, (d) Assist the drafting of all major contracts of the transaction (MOU, Sale and Purchase Agreements, Shareholders’ Agreement, etc.), (e) Advise on the post-transaction integration procedures

from funds, banks and multilaterals

Prismapar has direct access to several funds (e.g., venture capital funds, private equity funds), investment banks, commercial banks, multilateral organizations (e.g. IDB, the World Bank) and development banks (e.g. BNDES – the Brazilian National Development Bank). Prismapar is able to advise its clients concerning all stages of a capital raising process, including: (a) Define the best capital raising alternative (equity or debt), (b) Revise the business plan, (c) Develop the investments thesis, (d) Negotiate the terms with potential investors / creditors. Prismapar can help clients increase their success rate in winning and improving the terms of contracts. In the specific case of BNDES, Prismapar has partnerships with companies that have long experience in obtaining resources from this development bank. Prismapar also advises privately-held companies on pre-IPO procedures, helping clients with the various mandatory preparations required by the regulating authorities and capital markets.

Strategic Consulting

As a result of the in-depth knowledge our team has acquired in certain sectors of the economy, such as education, media, publishing, new technologies, etc., Prismapar acts as a strategic partner, helping its clients to design a plan for expansion and market positioning. Prismapar can develop tailor-made, industry-specific studies covering topics such as: (a) Growth strategy plan, (b) Analysis of the competition, (c) Repositioning in the market, (d) Pricing, demand and supply analysis. We also advise clients going into new markets, highlighting the attractiveness and potential of eachregion, both in Brazil and Latin America. For international groups and/or investment funds, we can offer our inside knowledge of Brazil and the main Latin American markets and advice on topics ranging from the best entry strategy and initial mapping of the market, to successfully finding a specific asset.

Fund Management

Prismapar operates as General Partner of several education-related funds. These funds are private equity, venture capital or real estate funds, all related to educational assets. As general partner, Prismapar is also usually the managing partner and active in the day-to-day operations of the private equity funds.